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FUP’s NFT Help You Claim Your Power

Non-Fungible Tokens Unmasking The F**ked Up Planet

Claim your Genius Telecoms and Carbonyte Benefits here! 

Explore the F**ked Up Planet through Digital Art

F**ked Up Planet or FUP drives to spread awareness of the issues humanity is drowning in. We showcase art in a time capsule of events and issues faced by the world.  

Images and Words can direct the World on the right path and NFTs are an investment to boot. So, make money doing the right thing. 

An Exhibition of Global Stupidity

Submit your creative ideas to save the F**ked Up Planet

Share your innovative artworks or writeups with us and gain free FUP tokens. 

Create and sell your NFTs


Collect enough reward tokens to buy the NFT

Gain the reward tokens by purchasing services from our partnered websites, like Genius Telecoms, Carbonyte and Enigmasoft Technologies.

Install a Wallet (MetaMask)

A Crypto Wallet offers a crucial utility for blockchain newcomers, token traders, crypto gamers, and it will handle all your transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem.

To pay for fees transactions on the network

Buy some MATIC from an exchange-based financial system and send it to your Wallet.

Browse through our FUP gallery

Choose the NFT you want to buy, and click on ‘Buy’. Then send your tokens using MetaMask and you will own that NFT.