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FUP is for the people who remain convinced that the F**ked Up Planet does not need to be F**ked Up forever.

Our art is provocative and elicits strong emotions both, positive and negative, with a view to encouraging debate. Our NFT Art have significant value to generate interest in issues represented by innovative creativity.

What We Do?

We create Digital Art in the form of NFT’s to raise awareness of issues that are often ignored by the current ‘click bait-based news’. The baby boomer generation, our parents, have bequeathed an earth that is literally burning with the largest level of species extinction since the last great mass extinction.  

50% of FUP NFT’s will be donated to environmental charities such as Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, and other notable organisations. 40% are released to our partners for purchase, and 10% are retained for operating cost cover. 

What are FUP Token?

FUP Tokens can be obtained from our partners, who are only allowed to buy FUP tokens if they commit their company ethos to mitigating damage to the F**ked Up Planet through awareness and active corporate policies.  

FUP is constantly evolving and will allow users to comment (moderated) on what they feel about the art, the issue, and the possible solutions.  

Create and sell your NFTs


Collect enough reward tokens to buy the NFT

Gain the reward tokens by purchasing services from our partnered websites, like Genius Telecoms, Carbonyte and Enigmasoft Technologies.

Install a Wallet (MetaMask)

A Crypto Wallet offers a crucial utility for blockchain newcomers, token traders, crypto gamers, and it will handle all your transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem.

To pay for fees transactions on the network

Buy some MATIC from an exchange-based financial system and send it to your Wallet.

Browse through our FUP gallery

Choose the NFT you want to buy, and click on ‘Buy’. Then send your tokens using MetaMask and you will own that NFT.

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