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How to buy FUP NFT?

A quick guide to nabbing the digital collectibles that unmask the F**ked Up Plant.

NFTs have been the biggest crypto hype in the past two years and are gaining rapid popularity. Buying these digital collectibles is easy but may need guidance for first-timers.

Here’s how to buy our NFT artwork:

We create Digital Art in the form of NFT’s to raise awareness of issues that are often ignored by the current ‘click bait-based news’. The baby boomer generation, our parents, have bequeathed an earth that is literally burning with the largest level of species extinction since the last great mass extinction.  

50% of FUP NFT’s will be donated to environmental charities such as Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, and other notable organisations. 40% are released to our partners for purchase, and 10% are retained for operating cost cover. 


Collect enough reward tokens to buy the NFT.

Gain the reward tokens by purchasing services from our partnered websites, like Genius Telecoms , Carbonyte and Enigmasoft Technologies.

Install a Wallet (MetaMask).

A Crypto Wallet offers a crucial utility for blockchain newcomers, token traders, crypto gamers, and it will handle all your transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Do not worry of the transaction fees on the network, you’ll be sent some MATIC on your Polygon-compatible crypto wallet.

A Wallet is a place you can keep your crypto, send or receive it, and access crypto apps. Do not worry your transaction fees are covered in the token itself.

Browse through our FUP gallery.

Choose the NFT you want to buy, and click on ‘Buy’. Then send your tokens using MetaMask and you will own that NFT.

With F**ked Up Plant NFTs you not only make a valuable profit but also contribution to spreading awareness about the universal challenges in a creative form.